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Know of Canadian Autumn Bonds I Have Made 原来

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The School Year Is Ending [16 Mar 2006|02:25pm]
And yet I don't give a flying rat's ass..

This ain't even my blog... what am i doing here???
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Alrighty, here we go again. [05 Feb 2006|11:41am]
[ mood | okay... ]

Yeah, the mandatory first entry. I dunno what to do here anymore.

It's been years since I started a new blog. And yet here I am, looking for words to say, and the way to remove that annoying pink lining from my layout.

Someone, help? Anyone?

You oughta drop by my Info page (see the links above) and check it out. I have all these things about me there, and you can see it.

I'm currently infatuated with 再见北极雪. It's just the way it's written and sung... so beautiful. I will sing that... one day.. with one or more of the following:


Or whoever it is that I was meant to fall in love with.

LiveJournal is nice... sort of. At least the layout isn't so damn hard to upload.

Aaron Lines, people. You're gonna be hearing a lot about him from me.

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